Meet the U30 Team


Melanie Saponare

"Donald Trump owns about a million pieces of real-estate, so he must be doing something right."

Follows @perezhilton…whoops!. // Gets her best advice from her family. // Would rather be zip-lining or rappelling in Costa Rica. // Has 743 Facebook friends. // Believes MJ should be in your playlist. // Never without: Blackberry and iPod. // Reads the real estate section for fun. // Must-read blog: Lento, her brother-in-law’s food blog.


Lauren Morgan

"C’mon, everyone needs a little Britney."

Favorite Facebook friend is Chobani yogurt. // She was only offline once when she was camping. // She worships Audrey Hepburn. // Her favorite vacation was to the quaint and tranquil hills of Ireland. // Grateful to her women’s history professor. // Must-read blog: the uber-girly cupcakes and cashmere. // Most-admired brand: The Gap


Simi Jain

“China is the only place I've felt truly culture shocked, and then reverse culture shocked when I returned back to the States!”

Worships: Steve Jobs. // Follows: No one. // Urges you to elect Bono president. // Wishes she founded: Jetsetter. // Loves the lyrics of: Lil' Wayne. // Has 784 Facebook Friends. Is jealous of her mom's love for: her dog. // Most admired brand: Banana Republic.


Ryan Prescott

“My business idol is Kim Kardashian. Because I too, would love to be paid to do nothing.”

Must-read blog: FoodPlusBeer. // Spends 27 hours per day online. // Thinks your playlist is missing: Wham! // Worships: No idols, false or otherwise. // Never without: a particle accelerator. // Follows: Bill Simmons @sportsguy33. // Enjoyed visiting: England, no tipping! // Movies in queue: 10.


Mary Healy

“I once went 7 days without the Internet, and I have to say, it felt great to disconnect.”

Must-read blog: the parsley thief // Wishes she founded Starbucks. // Thinks your playlist needs more Jay-Z. // Never without her iPhone... and mascara. // Last touched a newspaper a year ago to look at the real estate section. // Spends 12 hours a day on the Internet. // Follows: @DJPaulyD. // Wants to switch places with Anthony Bourdain for the day. // Worships: Beyonce.


Samantha Cotton

“I want to switch places with my dog, Maisy, because she has a pretty sweet life.”

Never without her iPhone. // Follows The Dark Lord @Lord_Voldemort7 // Nominates Johnny Depp for president. // Spends 16 hours a day online. // Can’t wait to get back to Aruba. // Must-read blog: this advertising life. // Thinks your playlist needs more Miley Cyrus. // Wishes she founded Twitter.