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Best World Cup Head Trick…

…goes to Audi. How powerful are the LED lights on the Audi A8 sedan? Well, they show you. And they show you in a way you care: by using their headlights to display the World Cup Ghana vs. USA results … Continue Reading


Oh, Hello Again.

Well, my favorite pre-pubescent menstrual cycle commercial is BACK and this time, even better. You may recall “Camp Gyno” last summer – the online viral video featuring a pre-teen on a hormonal power trip? This new video follows the protagonist, … Continue Reading


Netflix Just May Be the King of Marketing

  A while back, I posted about the genius House of Cards Against Humanity tactic Netflix unleashed with the naughtiest card game ever to exist. Well, they’re at it again promoting the second season of their hit original series, “Orange … Continue Reading


A.1…it’s complicated.

CP&B L.A. has created a hilarious new video unveiling the new name of former “A.1. Steak Sauce” to prove that this condiment is not monogamous. And they do it through a relationship platform we’re all familiar with…Facebook. Watching the ad is … Continue Reading


The Tinder of the Job World

Well, we knew this was coming. The job process is much like the recent evolution in dating: you should know right away whether or not someone is right for you. While popular dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge have … Continue Reading


A TV Viewing Experience We Can ALL Relate To

We have ALL been there. That “kill yourself” moment when the unexpected sex scene appears on your TV screen and your parents are right next to you. HBO understands. They not only understand how awkward that experience is, but they … Continue Reading


YouTube Finally Shines the Spotlight

I’ll admit it, I was a little late to realize the glory of YouTube. I spent most of the past few years wondering why people waste hours of their day watching random crap on the internet. Well, it turns out … Continue Reading


The Best TV Series Teaser Yet

First off, if you’ve never heard of “Cards Against Humanity” – you need to stop reading and purchase the game through If you are familiar with the infamous card game derived by Satan himself, you may continue reading. If … Continue Reading


Puppies = Auto-Touchdown

And so it begins – the frenzy over Super Bowl ads. With a minimum of a $4 million investment, advertisers better bring their A-game. Veteren Super Bowl advertiser, Budweiser, tries a different approach this year with their “BestBuds” campaign. The … Continue Reading


My New Favorite Series of Commercials…

…EVER!! I am NOT the warm and fuzzy type. But these commercials get my waterworks going every time. The P&G “Thank You, Mom” Olympics commercials are the ultimate tear-jerkers. With virtually no voice-over, just imagery of rising athlete across the … Continue Reading