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Crumbs has crumbled

Crumbs Bake Shop officially closed all 48 locations on Monday. The same day all employees found out they would be losing their jobs according to the Wall Street Journal. “Regrettably Crumbs has been forced to cease operations and is immediately … Continue Reading


CT’s BIGGEST Food Truck Festival!

Get your belly’s ready, because the first annual Connecticut Food Truck Festival is less than a month away. As our good friends at OmNomCT recently reported, the festival will take place at the North Haven Fairgrounds on July 19th & … Continue Reading


Champs in the water cooler?

  Now this would make for MUCH more interesting water cooler conversations at the office. If Moet & Chandon ever makes this available at retail, I just might be the first one in line!    


Giada Takes Vegas

Giada De Laurentiis has hosted popular TV shows and written top selling books but now she’s taking on the restaurant world in none other than Sin City. The Food Network Star opened her new restaurant, Giada, Tuesday night at the Cromwell in Las Vegas, … Continue Reading


Heart Health Myth?

“It’s good for my heart” — a common excuse for that nightly glass of red wine or piece of chocolate we so often consume because hey, it makes us feel better right? Well, researchers are now saying that those “heart healthy” … Continue Reading


Move over Ronald McDonald

Taco Bell recently launched their new breakfast line and are ready to crank out millions of breakfast burritos nationwide. But what’s the main focus of the company’s new campaign? The Waffle Taco.  A taco-shaped waffle shell filled with eggs and your … Continue Reading

The Return of the Shamrock Shake!

Yes, that’s right.. the Shamrock Shake is back! Every year, the highly anticipated shake returns right around St. Patrick’s Day and stays for a limited time. Be sure to stop into your local McDonald’s for your own cup of this … Continue Reading


Sexy Cocktails To Sip On…

Valentine’s Day. A day that’s all about love, romance and showing that special someone how much you care. But let’s be honest, today is really just a Hallmark holiday that forces men and women (mostly men) to shell out some … Continue Reading


Move Over Reese’s…

Big news for peanut butter lovers everywhere. Butterfinger is launching its own version of a Peanut Butter Cup, which just happens to be the brand’s first new product in 5 years. According to the Huffington Post, the brand plans on … Continue Reading


Magical Mallows…

Yes, that’s right.. magical mallows. Who wants to add boring old marshmallows to your hot cocoa when you can add marshmallows with your face on it!? Thanks to the people at Boomf, you can now turn your Instagram pics into edible, yummy … Continue Reading