Monthly Archives: June 2011

MGD64 Run Challenge

I love all things running, and I also enjoy the occasional cold beer. So, when one of my favorite running websites partnered with a beer brand – I got excited. Check out Miller’s MGD 64 Run Challenge! You create a … Continue Reading


Interactive Gaming Billboard Awards Free Food

McDonald’s Pick n Play, an interactive billboard campaign, allows consumers to play a digital ping pong game with the use of their smartphone’s touch screen.  Launched in Sweden, this game awards consumers with free McDonald’s menu items if they can … Continue Reading

USDA unveils ‘Food Pyramid’ replacement

Just now, First Lady Michelle Obama and members from the USDA unveiled the new “food icon” called “my plate”  that is replacing the Food Pyramid. This new icon is structured around the idea of simplicity – the plate is much … Continue Reading

Museum of Me

Check out Intel’s promotion for their Intel i5 Core processor. Their microsite asks permission to access your Facebook profile and will then create a 2 minute “museum gallery exhibit” of your social life based on photos, videos, friends and things … Continue Reading