Monthly Archives: May 2011

Ice Cream

I love ice cream, and I love mobile devices. Combine the two, and I might be in heaven. Ok, not really – but check this out! Mashable announced that Nestle has selected CheckPoints to power the mobile piece of its summer-long … Continue Reading


The US is getting older – will U30 soon become U35? U40?

According to the 2010 Census, the Median age of a US citizen is 37.2, which is up from the 2000 median age of 35.3. It may not seem like that much – it is roughly two years – but imagine … Continue Reading


Yarn bombing

One part Martha Stewart and one part Banksy. “Yarn bombers” from around the world are knitting away to create more than just sweaters, scarves and blankets; they are creating new works of art. What is yarn bombing, you ask? According … Continue Reading


Touch The Rainbow

Skittles knows how to make their YouTube videos and channel interactive alright. Visit their brand channel and check out their “touch the rainbow” videos. Seriously, they are hilarious and creepy all at the same time. You might just touch the … Continue Reading


3D sidewalk art

Check out German artist Edgar Mueller 3D sidewalk art. He transforms the everyday sidewalk into his canvas. These images look so real! Check \’em out. My Favorite is below.


Happy 125th Birthday Coca-Cola!

In honor of Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday, the company has decided to illuminate its headquarters in downtown Atlanta with nearly 1 million lights – making it the largest building illumination in history! The building (which is 26 stories high) will be illuminated … Continue Reading

Angry Birds comes to a computer near you

The highly addicting and wildly successful game Angry Birds has arrived on the internet! Google is letting you play for free here: (you don’t need its Chrome browser to play). As you probably know, Angry Birds started as a casual … Continue Reading


Friday Fun – Drum set

Test out this sick drum set by using your keyboard, and turning up your computer volume. It’s Friday, your cubemates won’t mind. Unleash your inner drummer PS – the “b” key is the best.


Foursquare Gas Discounts

With gas well over the $4 mark in many areas of the country, I know I’m looking for deals at the pump.  Murphy USA, a gas station chain with locations in Walmart and Sam’s Club parking lots, announced $2 off … Continue Reading

Compact beauty

Could you live in a 24 square meter (258 square foot) apartment? I think I could and so can this guy. Meet Christian and his lego-styled apartment!