Monthly Archives: April 2011

A date a day keeps the doctor away…

Many of us know about and have succumbed to becoming members of daily deal websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Ideeli, and just recently making its debut, Google Offers. But what you may not know about is a new website that doesn’t exactly … Continue Reading

Have Advertisers Taken Royal Wedding Tie-ins Too Far?

Check out this interesting New York Times article: It explores the question of whether advertisers have created royal wedding fatigue by over-promoting the event and forcing connections with brands that are far from relevant.  There is certainly a narrow … Continue Reading

Pepsi’s new vending machine lets you gift drinks

When I was little I thought by 2011 I would definitely be driving a flying car like the Jetsons. While we’re not there yet, Pepsi unveiled a new vending machine that is so neat it almost makes flying cars seem … Continue Reading

New Can for Heineken

Heineken beer cans are getting a makeover, one that includes a technological breakthrough of sorts. They are adding a little texture to their cans that will allow consumers to feel their way to a Heineken beer can with their eyes … Continue Reading


An Earth Day Gem

I love doing for others. But sometimes it’s made that much sweeter when I get a little something too (I know I’m not the only one)… which is why I am excited to share with you (girls mostly) the Palma Collection; … Continue Reading


Chobani Lovers Unite!

I know several people who are Chobani fanatics like me, so I thought I should share the news that Chobani is #1!!! Chobani landed in your grocer’s refrigerated section 3 years ago and in that time has accumulated quite a … Continue Reading

Petite lap giraffes

By now you must have seen one of DirectTV’s spots featuring the cute little mini giraffes. Well, they have a whole site dedicated to the Petite Lap Giraffes, which seem to hail from Russia. The site is not only hilarious … Continue Reading


Big Brother or BFF LoJack?

So I realize that with things like foursquare, gowalla and other related “You Are Here” technologies, people are getting a kick out of seeing themselves blink on a map. I, however do not join them in their fervor for being … Continue Reading


Beasties are Back

New album is dropping May 3, 2011 – vinyl available for all you vinyl lovers out there. Check out this star studded new music video while you’re at it.

National High Five Day

YES! What a great holiday. Every third Thursday in April marks “national high five day”. So, everytime you pass someone in the office hallway, street, gym or grocery store today give them a high five and a smile. And, 2011 … Continue Reading