Monthly Archives: March 2011

Secret Messages in Brand Logos

Check out this fun website that decodes the secret meanings behind a few companies logos. So fun!


Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter

Hard to believe Twitter is already 5 years old, right? Check out their celebrational microsite that features a video of 16 famous twitters’ explaining why they love Twitter (and a shout out from @SnoopDogg to @MarthaStewart for some entertainment). … Continue Reading


Apple’s new magnetic smart cover – if you don’t currently own an iPad you might just reconsider…

Are you one of those people who have tossed around the idea of getting an iPad but have never actually followed through and made the big purchase? Maybe it’s a little over your budget, or you were contemplating between the … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber!

I’ll admit it… I’ve got the Bieber Fever. Being 26, I catch a lot of heat for liking Justin Bieber and his music. However,  I challenge anyone to tell me this kid isn’t talented. He can sing and he can … Continue Reading