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2011 Viral Videos In a Nutshell

A look back at some of the most popular viral videos in 2011…

Don’t Be Such a Grinch!

The Grinch comes to life in this hysterical montage of a man dressed up tormenting innocent shoppers! Happy Holidays!


Happy Hanukkah…

…or as my friend Adam Sandler so beautifully puts it…


Top Secret Government… Stuff

Nice try US government. We all know what you were transporting earlier this month. Obviously it was a UFO… or was it?


We are the Millennials

Check out this cool infographic at and learn the differences between each generation.


The Christmas Tree

Dane Cook once so brilliantly said:  “true… hence… FUNNY”.  That’s exactly what comes to mind when I watch this video.  This truly captures my holiday at home with my mother… it’s spot on!  Any anyone who has a New Yorker … Continue Reading

Turn Life Into a Cover Story

The Flipboard app (for Apple products) will turn your life stories into one giant magazine. It takes the latest and greatest posts, photos, etc. from your social media accounts and favorite news feeds and creates a digital magazine for your … Continue Reading


The Quickest Work Out EVER

If you’re like me,  you HATE working out. LA Fitness has called you five times in the past week asking why you haven’t been there in three months. You’d rather work so late, that there is just no possible way … Continue Reading


“I gave my kids a terrible present”

Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to allow their children to open ONE Christmas present a few weeks before the big day. Little did the children know, the presents would be terrible. Check out the carnage for yourself:

Hair Tinsel

I’m a big fan of sparkles, so when I learned about A-list celebrities like Beyonce getting sparkly tinsel in their hair, I needed it. Lo-and-behold it is being calling the “must have hair accessory of 2011″. I am happy to … Continue Reading