Monthly Archives: July 2010

QR codes to help save the gulf?

BP may have been able to cap the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, but cleanup efforts are really just beginning. In an interesting intersection between technology and social activism, QR codes could prove instrumental in helping ensure that the … Continue Reading


Humongo Nation!

Don’t forget to follow the Humongo Nation Tour!  It’s happening now, and here’s where they’re going: “The Humongo Flex will be driving through Portland, Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Raleigh, Asheville, Atlanta, Savannah, Daytona Beach and Miami. More importantly, … Continue Reading

Lay’s Brings Local Farming To Urban Areas

Lay’s is kicking off a nationwide experiential tour featuring the company’s potato farmers. The six-city tour that kicked off in NYC on July 26, is designed to bring a rural farm experience to city-based consumers via a mobile greenhouse. Visitors … Continue Reading


Walking Across America in under 2 minutes

A video of a man trekking from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge was this weekend’s viral sensation on YouTube racking up half-a-million views since its debut on Tuesday. The video is popular not just because it’s a trek … Continue Reading


Twitter says we’re happiest on Sundays.

Researchers from the Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Sciences and from Harvard Medical School have been analyzing tweets to gauge when we’re feeling our best and worst. More specifically, which day of the week and at what time. … Continue Reading


Mad about Mad Men Style

Four days and counting until the highly anticipated season four premiere of Mad Men!  If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the stunning 1960′s imagery and fabulous costumes.  I’ll admit it- part of me wishes everyone still dressed … Continue Reading

Facepark: Diesel Takes Social Offline

As part of Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign, the brand wanted to highlight the ridiculousness of wasting so much time on social networks and decided to get people to waste time in parks instead. This led to “Facepark”, described as a “stupid … Continue Reading


Before you buy, take a look!

Helping you secure a first-person look at things too far for you to personally vet, WGL employs a scattered army of minions you can bid to check out and report back on pretty much anything you want, from the legitimacy … Continue Reading

Tequila via Facebook, anyone?

Patrón Tequila has released a Facebook application that lets fans attempt to perfect their own cocktail recipe. The application is a virtual Patrón Cocktail Lab, and if your recipe submission wins one of the monthly cocktail challenges, you’ll get free … Continue Reading


Don’t Forget to Read the Fine Print…

Toshiba is trying to get their way out of their get-your-money-back promotion. “Si la Roja gana, tú ganas” said the ad in big honking letters in magazines, newspapers, and TV commercials. (If the red win, you win) Buy a Toshiba laptop … Continue Reading