Monthly Archives: May 2010

The “Source” of Creativity

Having almost completed my first full week as an intern at Source, I am excited and amazed by how much I have already learned about marketing.  If I had to choose a single word that sums up everything I’ve seen, … Continue Reading

Win the Wienermobile!

Ever dream of riding around in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Well now you have the chance! Now through June 4, Kraft is giving everyone the opportunity to bid on eBay for a “Ride Shotbun in the Wienermobile” package. Package includes … Continue Reading


Apple v. Google: The Battle over Mobile Ad-Sales

With the new iPhone OS 4 hitting the market any day now (the online Apple store has already stopped selling the iPhone 3G, which had recently been discounted to only $99) techies everywhere want to know how Apple’s iAd will … Continue Reading

World Cup Excitement Taking Over Yahoo!

Even though soccer is not a mainstream sport in the United States, this game captures the hearts of fans in almost every other country. Soccer, football, calcio or whatever you want to call it, has the power to bring the whole … Continue Reading


Spicier, Mintier, Fruitier – what’s next?!

Snack chips are spicier. Chewing gum is mintier. Energy drinks are fruitier. In short, American cuisine is adrenaline cuisine. Some food companies are hitting their labs to try to torque up flavorings to appeal to the country’s expanding palates, and, … Continue Reading


Twitter Bans 3rd Party Advertising

Marketers planning on using Twitter to promote their wares will have to go through Twitter to do so, according to a new set of advertising guidelines issued by the company. On April 13, Twitter introduced Promoted Tweets, which are ordinary … Continue Reading


2014 Super Bowl to be held in New York-New Jersey

The NFL awarded the 2014 Super Bowl to New York today making the New Meadowlands Stadium the host of the 1st cold weather Super Bowl. The Meadlowlands bit beat out proposals from Tampa and South Florida, two very traditional hosts, … Continue Reading

A New Way To Promote Peace

How many times a week do you get Chinese take out? I know in my family it’s definitely once but probably twice. Even though I enjoy this food quite frequently I have little knowledge about the culture and society it … Continue Reading


No More Justin Bieber

You just have to look at Twitter’s trending topics to see that the world has gone Justin Bieber - mad. Ok, maybe it’s not the world, but really tweens and teens who seem to be populating all channels with their Justin Bieber … Continue Reading


The Joy of Cookies

Kraft is changing up its marketing campaign for Chips Ahoy!, bumping out those cute “Cookie Guy” characters (the ones who always get snatched up by a looming hand by the end of the commercial) for a new effort built around … Continue Reading