Monthly Archives: November 2010

Baggage Handler Badge

Do you have travel plans for the Thanksgiving holiday that involve airports and planes? If so – keep reading and maybe start using FourSquare if you don’t already. Starting today, the location-sharing service will award a badge to anyone who … Continue Reading


New internet meme – Jumping Rob

The newest internet meme to be a hit is the famous Rob Pattinson from the Twilight movies. Much like Sad Keanu, Prancing Cera and Strutting Leo – this meme takes a shirtless Rob jumping and places him in all different … Continue Reading


November 17th “National Unfriend Day”

How many Facebook friends do you have? Over 500? Over 1,000? And how many of those do you really know? Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has declared Nov. 17 National Unfriend Day on his talk show yesterday. “Friendship … Continue Reading


8-mile concert in LA tracked on GPS to spell out band name

YouTube darlings OK Go have teamed up with Range Rover in the Evoque Pulse of the City project, in which they will create a huge “OK Go” sign, written in GPS across their hometown city of L.A. This Wednesday, November 17, the … Continue Reading


Super Log-Off From Facebook

Did you ever want a break from the social media world, but didn’t do it in fear you’d lose your previous Facebook account, friends, and the profile you spent way too long putting together to make yourself look good, witty … Continue Reading


Your Letter to Santa Can Make A Wish Come True!

Macy’s “A Million Reasons to Believe” campaign is back this Holiday season and here’s how you can help make wishes come true: Bring your stamped letter to Santa to your local Macy’s and drop it into Santa’s Mailbox. For every … Continue Reading

Weird Converter

Have you ever wondered how many small intestines make up the ORegon Trail? Or how many kegs of beer are in an Airbus A380? Well… wonder no more, thanks to Check out the site and play around… really random, … Continue Reading


Impeach FourSquare Mayors!

One of the biggest reasons businesses name for not setting up a foursquare special is cheating, especially for mayorships. Foursquare now lets venue managers revoke the mayorship of their venue, either by adding the mayor as an employee or for … Continue Reading