Monthly Archives: January 2010

Men without Pants – SHAZAM!

Dockers has found a new use for a popular music identifying technology. The technology, Shazam, was developed for smartphones to let users identify music by simply pointing their handheld in the direction of the music and clicking the “tag now” … Continue Reading



Digitas New York’s 2009 Holiday e-card, “Let’s Get Flurrious” is not only a fun interactive snowflake creator, but also the winner of a Dope Flash Website Award! Anyone can visit the site to check out the array of design tools … Continue Reading

Want a piece of Fenway in your backyard?

Lawn-care manufacturer the Scotts Company has announced a deal to start licensing the grass seeds and blends used in some of the most iconic baseball parks in the country, allowing homeowners to put a piece of Fenway or Wrigley in … Continue Reading

Apple Unveils the New iPad

Apple held a press conference and media event to announce the launch of it’s much-hyped new tablet, the iPad. Prices range from $499 to $829 (depending on hard drive size and WiFi/3G connectivity). Notable features include capabilities to use all … Continue Reading


Big Apple Rolls Out Red Truck For Restaurant Week

NYC & Company, the city’s marketing arm, will promote NYC Restaurant Week (Jan. 25 to Feb. 7) with a little red truck. Trucks serving coffee, waffles, and ice cream have become a micro-trend in New York (arguably started by the … Continue Reading

Coupon Use Continues to Grow

In 2009, shoppers redeemed 3.3 billion consumer packaged goods coupons, a whopping 27% increase over the 2.6 billion redeemed in 2008. Marketers in turn, invested heavily in coupons, boosting the number available to the highest level in over 30 years. … Continue Reading

Pepsi Throwback

Due to all the Throwback tweets, Facebook fan pages, videos, blog posts, pics & pleas, Pepsi Throwback is back for a limited time only! From December 28, 2009 to February 22, 2010, Pepsi and Mountain Dew Throwback will be available … Continue Reading


Cheddar Implosion or Explosion?

Kraft is sponsoring the implosion of the famed Texas Stadium — now slated for April 11 — as it looks to plug a new version of its Mac & Cheese brand. With the Dallas Cowboys having vacated the historic venue, … Continue Reading


How Do You Roll?

Cottonelle wants to know, America: Should the toilet paper go over the roll or under? The Thunderdome for this great debate is a Web site,, that lets visitors cast their vote and then offers a surprisingly full-featured look at how … Continue Reading


New York Times new online approach…

The New York Times announced today that it will be introducing a paid model for at the beginning of 2011. The new approach, referred to as the metered model, will offer users free access to a set number of articles … Continue Reading