Monthly Archives: July 2009

Purity.Organic juice company uses Guerilla Marketing tactics in NYC

Not everyone is familiar with the organic juice line called Purity.Organic, which is why the company recently decided to use marketing tactics that would increase brand awareness immediately. By using the concept of Guerilla Marketing, the company placed giant straws made … Continue Reading


Sunny D Brings Peel ‘n Taste To The Grocery

Sunny D Beverages is launching what it terms a “sensory marketing” experience, sort of the oral equivalent of “scratch and sniff” that puts the flavor of SunnyD Smoothies on Peel ‘n Taste flavor samplers.The parent Beverages Holdings, LLC, used First … Continue Reading


Carbonated Milk?

Coca-Cola is launching a new carbonated milk drink called Vio “Vibrancy Drink,”. Developed in their Atlanta laboratory, the beverage requires no refrigeration and comes in four “natural” flavors: peach mango, berry, citrus, and tropical colada.  Vio is being sold in delis around NYC … Continue Reading



A counter to Google, Riot touts itself as “a realtime search engine” that scrawls the viral web (Twitter, Digg, etc) and indexes results based on their current popularityand relevance to spit back the freshest, most buzzed-about links. On its homepage, it … Continue Reading


EA’s “Night of Lust” is a Bust

Games maker EA has incited a wave of backlash over the latest marketing ploy for their upcoming action game, Dante’s Inferno. In an effort to promote the title at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con event, EA decided to run a … Continue Reading


Palm Pre Glitch

The Palm Pre still costs $199, but over the weekend, more than a few customers bought new ones for $99. The confusion in Best Buy stores across the country began when a picture of an in-store banner promoting a week … Continue Reading


Walk the Line

  Dutch beer brand Grolsch has launched an iPhone application called ‘Walk the Line’. With their new app, they aim to promote responsible drinking practice among users, especially music festivals visitors this summer. The app helps check if the person holding the … Continue Reading


Flavor Saver

  You’re a big fan of mash-ups (go Broken Social Scene and R. Kelly). So you’ll scream for Perfect Flavor, a new online ice cream shop that lets you create your own pints. Begin by choosing a base: mousse, sweet cream, … Continue Reading

Taco Bell Truck Shelling Out Free Tacos

Promoting it’s Why Pay More Value Menu, Taco Bell is handing out free tacos and other give-aways to fans via their “Taco Tweets” Tour Truck and could be coming to your town soon. What began as a road trip from … Continue Reading