Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Day in the Cloud with Google and Virgin America

In an effort to promote Virgin America’s in flight Wi-Fi service, VA is teaming up with Google for the “Day in the Cloud Challenge” — the first ever online scavenger hunt to be played simultaneously in the air and on … Continue Reading


“S” is for Speed–Apple’s New iPhone 3G S

You may have heard about Apple’s newest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G S, just released this past Friday, June 19th. Although the new model is almost identical in outward appearance to that of the 3G (the model just … Continue Reading


Ecobot – track your carbon footprint

Introducing ECOBOT; a free app that calculates your carbon footprint by measuring the fuel, power, and paper you use. And it does much of this automatically, right from your desktop. By tracking your carbon consumption, it’ll help you see where … Continue Reading


World’s First Augmented Reality Browser

Picture this: you’re walking around a neighborhood of your liking wondering how much it would cost to rent an apartment in that new building you’ve been eyeing. Well wonder no more if you’re in Holland and have the Layar ap … Continue Reading


Facebook vs. MySpace

For the first time in history, more US internet users visited Facebook than MySpace, making it the most popular social network site in the US. In just a year, the numbers for facebook have jumped from 35,594,000 visitors to 70,278,000 … Continue Reading


Last Minute Father’s Day: GiveAnything

Since anything you actually choose will probably not be what he’s looking for, get Dad an emailable uber-gift-certificate from GA, redeemable at over 300 e-tailers (Timberland, Sports Authority, EatGourmet, Ozone Billiards…), the perfect way to let him know he wasn’t … Continue Reading

With, free beer is only a few clicks away…

In a city where $9 for a beer is not uncommon, many bars throughout Manhattan have gotten smart about ways to drive their prospective customers in, especially during these tough times when people have begun to really cut back. “ClickLinksforFreeDrinks” … Continue Reading


Wise Attempts Guinness Record with Potato Chip “Crunch”

New Yorkers are good at making noise.   And that just might help as Wise brings a whole bunch of potato chips to Citi Field on July 10 to attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the most potato … Continue Reading

Wolfram Alpha

While Google is great for plenty of stuff, but sometimes its scope is daunting: query “Size of Asia”, and how can you not click on one of the 50,000 results featuring a certain Ms. Carrera? Revolutionizing the fact-finding game, Wolfram … Continue Reading



Just re-launching with a buttload o’ new features, Kick alerts you when your favorite artists are in town, and now also lets you compile and share a face-melting history of past shows you’ve attended, because you didn’t see Phish 479 … Continue Reading