Monthly Archives: March 2009

Fruit Juice

Talk about a unique way to make your product stand out on shelf…. These fruit juice boxes were designed by Japanese industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, that have the look and feel of the fruit they contain.   


Guitar Hero & NCAA

Guitar Hero put forth a new TV spot to run during the NCAA tournament to promote their new Guitar Hero Metallica game. Check it out here. They feature some key NCAA coaches as well as the members of Metallica in the ad … Continue Reading


Old Navy’s Mannequins Do the Talking

Old Navy cast a lineup of “SuperModelquins” to star in a marketing campaign that broke last month. Targeting the chain’s predominant shopper base of 25-to-35-year-old moms, the integrated campaign introduces 12 diverse mannequin “celebrities” that share a common liking for … Continue Reading

Lysol Takes Over Bathrooms at NASCAR Race

NASCAR fans will be able to see first hand the true benefits of Lysol Disinfectant when visiting one of the “Lysol Clean” bathrooms at nine races this year. The bathrooms, for women only, are a fresh component in a larger … Continue Reading

Clorox Wipes Appear in Macy’s Windows

A stroll past Macy’s famous windows in New York finds a rather unique display: a home setting showing off Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. This is the first such partnership between the iconic retailer and Clorox that aims to showcase the redesigned … Continue Reading

What does one Trillion dollars look like?

  With all this talk about stimulus packages and bailouts, ever wonder what one trillion dollars really looks like? I know I have. Now thanks to a nifty program called Google Sketchup we can see it in a simple illustration…. … Continue Reading

American Express Will Pay Customers to Leave

Call it an anti-promotion: In an attempt to eliminate some low-spending customers from its cardholder roster, American Express Co. has announced it is offering to pay some holders to close their accounts. In what the company told analysts is a … Continue Reading

Chat the Rainbow

Skittles has recently launched a new homepage at that features content generated by consumers, which is quite the departure from a typical brand’s product site. Mars Snackfood says it redesigned the site to better connect with its core teenage audience, … Continue Reading


Topps Brings Baseball Cards to Life

Topps is introducing some new technology to the baseball trading cards industry in hopes of increasing sales. They have created special cards called Topps 3D Live baseball cards, that when held in front of a webcam, a 3D avatar of … Continue Reading

KGB – life’s questions answered

Have you ever gotten into an argument or debate with a friend and never reached a conclusion? Well, KGB, a text service that sets out to answer all life’s questions, is your solution. Just text your question to KGBKGB (542542) … Continue Reading