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Times Square New Years Ball powered by…. humans?

Duracell has set up its Smart Power Lab in the heart of Manhattan, along with several Power Rovers, which are stationery bikes that generate renewable energy when pedaled. The energy that is being stored up and harnessed by Duracell will power … Continue Reading


Free Music!, which began a test version for invited users on Dec. 22 and plans to open to the public in January, will allow users to download songs, which may be copied and shared — unencumbered, in other words, by digital … Continue Reading


Light emitting wallpaper?

Using OLED technology, the flower plastered stuff called wallpaper could be lighting homes across the world, cutting carbon emissions, and eliminate the need for light bulbs as early as 2012. The government-backed carbon trust has awarded a £454,000 ($720,000) grant to … Continue Reading


Blue Moon to shine on 12/31

It happens only once in a blue moon — and scientists say a blue moon is exactly what we’ll see in the skies this New Year’s Eve. Don’t expect an azure glow over our lunar satellite, however. The term “blue … Continue Reading


Best Websites 2009

Time has published a list of the 50 best websites of 2009. Here’s a look at the top 10. 1. Flickr 2. California Coastline 3. Delicious 4. Metafilter 5. popurls 6. Twitter 7. Skype 8. Boing Boing 9. Academic Earth … Continue Reading

Picturing the past 10 years

See how the NYT pictured the past 10 years, below. Click here to see more


Sometimes, sacrificing a bit of choice can save you a bundle, and that’s exactly why you’ll take whatever the daily sandwich special gives you, even though there’s a high probability of ham. For a cheap vacation, take whatever travel’s offered … Continue Reading

12 Most Shocking Moments of 2009

People’s Most Shocking Moments of 2009. 1. Michael Jackson Dies 2. Miracle Crash on the Hudson 3. Chris Brown assaults Rhianna 4. Jaycee Duggard Found Alive 5. Ballon Boy Hoax 6. Letterman’s Blackmail Confession 7. Daisy Gets Coyote-Napped 8. MacKenzie’s … Continue Reading

Top status update terms of 2009 on Facebook

With over 45 million status updates a day from 30 million unique visitors the winners are…….. 1 – Facebook Applications Specific words: Farmville, Farm Town, Social Living 2 – FML Specific word: FML 3 – Swine Flu Specific words: Flu, … Continue Reading


Source Marketing Spreads Holiday Cheer!

On December 11, Source Marketing employees gathered for a joyful day of shopping and wrapping gifts for families in need via the Norwalk Open Door Shelter. Hundreds of gifts were donated to over 25 local families. We especially thank all … Continue Reading