Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Years Eve Wishes

3 Musketeers is sponsoring the Times Square “Wishing Wall” to help promote their new mint dark chocolate candy. The wishes will be written on the confetti that is thrown in celebration all over Times Square! Visitors can submit their New … Continue Reading


Charmin’s Restrooms are Back!

Charmin returns for the third year with a special holiday gift for NYC—clean, comfortable restrooms right on Times Square! From Nov. 24th to New Year’s Eve, come see us when you need us.   Learn More 


Buzzwords of 2008

The New York Times has listed the buzzwords of 2008. They range from political, to urban, to well, anything really. Click here  to see the complete list, and then use them all in a sentence.


Warner Pulls Music From YouTube

  Warner Music Group Corp. said it began removing its songs and videos from Google Inc.’s YouTube videosharing site this weekend, after the two sides failed to renegotiate a licensing deal. For now, the decision doesn’t appear likely to escalate into a … Continue Reading

The Best Products of 2008

The editors at think they know. And they’ve included iMac (“the iconic all-in-one desktop that others try to emulate”), iPod touch (“the best portable media player on the market, period”), and iPhone 3G (“one of the best handheld computers … Continue Reading


What makes you CLICK?

Interesting article from the NY Times about what makes people click on web-based banner ads. ONLINE advertisers are not lacking in choices: They can display their ads in any color, on any site, with any message, to any audience, with … Continue Reading


One is the loneliest number

Pepsi has launched a series of ads that might prove themselves to be very controversial. The product, PepsiMax, has only one calorie. The ads to promote it took on the theme of “one is the loneliest number” and a sole cartoonish calorie … Continue Reading