Crumbs has crumbled


Crumbs Bake Shop officially closed all 48 locations on Monday. The same day all employees found out they would be losing their jobs according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Regrettably Crumbs has been forced to cease operations and is immediately attending to the dislocation of its devoted employees while it evaluates its limited remaining options,” Crumbs told the Journal in a statement.

As the cupcake craze diminished, so did the success of Crumbs Bake Shops. The company went public three years ago at the height of the cupcake popularity, but has continued to decrease in sales since then.



Uber Cuts Prices!

Some good news for all you Uber fans out there – they have cut their NYC pricing by 20%! For those not familiar, Uber is an app that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for both hire and ride-sharing services. Initially, Uber used luxury taxi vehicles, but in 2012, they released UberX, which allows users to share rides with others in non-taxi vehicles. With the new price slash, they now claim their fares are cheaper than taxis. They have also cut prices in other cities such as Boston and San Francisco. This chart shows the price comparison between an NYC taxi and Uber. Hitting up the big apple anytime soon? Better use Uber for your transportation needs!


For Everyone’s Weekend Playlists

Here’s to the long weekend and to the US of A. I’ll just leave this here…

Enjoy the holiday!

My Cabana Boy Can Help…


…with those hard-to-reach areas! Unfortunately, My Cabana Boy isn’t tall, dark, and handsome with washboard abs. This $14 contraption comes in four bright colors, and helps you apply sunscreen to hard-to-reach-areas with its easy applicator. Wave goodbye to burned backs and shoulders!

A.P.C. Launches Collaboration with Kanye West

kanyeAs if Kanye West hadn’t already made enough of a name for himself in the fashion world with the launch of his shoe line last year, he’s now joining forces with French luxury label A.P.C. on a much anticipated collaboration. The line will consist of a range of luxury basics from light-wash jeans to oversized parkas and Canadian tuxedos. The idea of this line is to give anyone who can afford to purchase the pieces a similar refined makeover to that of the one he gave his new wife, Kim Kardashian, this year. West says he’s created a line containing more of “what he would like to see people wearing,” and based on the forecasted shelf-life of said collection, he will be.



It’s not like we needed anything else to get us ready for the momentous event that will be taking place at 4pm EDT this afternoon, but just in case anyone wasn’t quite there, here’s something that should get your mind in the right place.



Digital Wristbands Allow Cashless Payments at Lollapalooza

You’re huddled in line at the nearest food vendor, rocking out to the band on the next stage and anxiously awaiting the meal in front of you when – oh no, you realize you’re out of cash! Worry no more millennial concert goers, Lollapalooza is launching Lolla Cashless, an RFID-enabled wristband that allows concert goers to tap and pay for items at the festival. The Chicago music festival claims to be the first major U.S. music festival to roll out this technology – so I’m hoping it spreads to festivals on the East Coast!


Best World Cup Head Trick…

…goes to Audi.


How powerful are the LED lights on the Audi A8 sedan? Well, they show you. And they show you in a way you care: by using their headlights to display the World Cup Ghana vs. USA results over the East River in New York.

See how they did it, here.


Hold on to Your Suits!


Verruckt, a 17-story, world-record-holding water slide is scheduled to open in just a few weeks at a Kansas water park. The ride only lasts a few seconds, but they promise to be some of the most exhilarating and terrifying moments of your life. Grab a raft and three fearless friends and prepare to free-fall at about 60 miles per hour. Take a practice ride here!


Keep Calm and Poupon!

Following the theme of hilarious commercials for the month of June, this Grey Poupon banned ad is definitely worth a look. Kind of upset that it didn’t air after all, think it would have done wonders for their sales.