Google Glass Now Available to Everyone in the U.S.!

Up until now, Google Glass has only been available through a limited beta-testing program. But as of 9 AM this morning, U.S. residents will be able to sign up to get the Glass! Just go here after 9 AM ET April 15th (today!), sign up, and you can get your pair for $1500 + tax.


DIY Spring Home Scents

This weekend I did a little bit of spring cleaning which was WAY overdue. I have border line OCD when it comes to organizing and it really kicks in this time of year. I love getting rid of my over-sized winter jackets and bulky sweaters that take up half of my closet and make room for bright colored pants and soft tees. But what I love even more than organizing is sprucing up my apartment with fresh smelling scents. I recently took to Pinterest and found some simple DIY fragrances that you can try in order to get your home to smell like springtime in no time!


J.Crew Loves Their Customers

Sometimes, it seems as if we have no voice when it comes to speaking to our favorite brands. This was not the case when a freelance writer (for the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine) wrote to the creative director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons pleading for the return of the discontinued swimsuit pictured above. She wrote an enticing note to J.Crew stating, ”What I want is smooth, taut fabric that stretches from my shoulders over my chest and ribcage, with hip-high leg holes and an open back to expose my skin to sand, sunshine, and seawater. I want it available in evocatively named colors like hibiscus, marine, and bottle green (in black, it’s simply unstoppable.)” Apparently this description was enough to elicit a response from Lyons – who released an ad starring the now un-discontinued swimsuit with a personalized note written across it. Nice to know that some brands care about what we want!


These Guys Are Helping Save Your Nuts

20 guys dared to get waxed below the belt in the name of testicular cancer awareness. Testicular Cancer Canada’s new viral video shows these guys’ slow-mo reactions, and boy are they priceless!

Share with your guy and tell him to check ‘em!


Let’s get drunk at Whole Foods

Whole Foods isn’t just a place for stay-at-home moms to show off their SUVs anymore. It’s about to become a brewery. Sort of.


Whole Foods has announced that its Houston location on Post Oak Blvd plans to start brewing and pouring its own beer at its in-store bar – to be consumed on location or sealed in a growler and taken home.

They’re currently in the process of searching for a brewmaster – and if all goes well, the model could be expanded to other stores. In other words, Whole Foods is a few steps away from creating the single whitest bar scene of all time. Who’s thirsty?


YouTube Finally Shines the Spotlight

I’ll admit it, I was a little late to realize the glory of YouTube. I spent most of the past few years wondering why people waste hours of their day watching random crap on the internet. Well, it turns out that I’ve become a YouTube junkie myself, specifically, a makeup tutorial addict. I watch hours and hours of makeup how-to videos each week.

So when I was on the subway in Manhattan this weekend and saw beauty guru Michelle Phan’s face running along the top of the subway train, I was intrigued. Turns out, she along with two other YouTube superstars are the faces of YouTube’s new promotional campaign. The out-of-home, print, and TV initiative is in response to advertisers not feeling that YouTube has done enough to promote their creators & content. This is the first phase to an eventual roll-out of highlighting video creators across 14 categories, which will be called Google Preferred.

Overall – it’s good motivation for aspiring YouTube stars to upload more quality content, become recognized by Google, and have their status of YouTube star elevated to the next level.


Silicon Valley – HBO’s New Techie Comedy

The 30-minute pilot episode of HBO’s new comedy series, Silicon Valley, debuted last night after the Game of Thrones season four premiere. The series follows an introverted programmer, Richard (Thomas Middleditch), who creates a music-sharing service called Pied Piper, that has two big-name tech gurus in a bidding war for his killer compression algorithm.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it below!


Spring is in the Air!

Spring is finally here! I don’t know about you but I definitely have Spring Fever. Can you blame me? It’s been a loooong winter. With the temperatures rising and the flowers blooming, what better way than to embrace Spring than with your homemade DYI mason jar vase? Like the rest of the world, I’m obsessed with mason jars. The best thing about mason jars are that they are versatile – you can drink out of them or use them to store makeup brushes, kitchen utensils, pens…you name it! I thought mason jar vases would be perfect for spring decor. The process for making these DIY mason jar vases is super simple. You can follow these steps here. (Or if you want the easy way out, you can shop for these pretty mason jar vases on Etsy)


Lighten Up!


Congratulations! I think it is safe to say that you have finally made it out of the longest winter ever. Now that you can begin the transition into the lighter side – the side where the days are longer, the sun is creeping out of its hiding place, and the overall mood is much lighter. So in celebration of the Spring season, it is time to start adding some energy into your wardrobe. This year is all about abstract prints, pops of color, and unexpected color combinations – but for everyday, these can be incorporated in a much more subtle way.


‘Let It Go’ is Known Around the World

It’s become the highest grossing animated film of all time….can anyone guess which movie I’m referring to? That would be Frozen. It’s quite rare if you are at least 4 years old  and up and have not seen this movie, as it appeals to both tiny tots and adults of all ages. The theme song from the movie, “Let It Go” has definitely been a contributing factor in the film’s success. So much so, that it has been dubbed in 41 languages! The video above shows Let It Go in 25 different languages, which was actually a very rigorous task to accomplish. Trying to match the original singer’s voice (Idina Menzel) to the different languages was no easy task, with over 200 singers trying out for 41 slots. Rick Dempsey, who is responsible for translating Disney films, said that Disney’s goal is to “make every audience feel like Frozen was made in their country.” To read more about the translating process, check out this article.